Agency Pride Highlight: PHA Excellence in LGBTQ Community Allyship in Fresno

Zoom Webinar  
Tuesday, June 06, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM   Eastern Standard Time


June 6th from 3-4pm ET


The EIEA Subcommittee and the LGBTQ Subcommittee of DEIAC is co-hosting a dialogue for Pride Month on Pride and LGBTQ community relations for PHAs. This year, the LGBTQ Subcommittee would like to highlight one of our member agencies that is demonstrating innovation and creativity in its LGBTQ community allyship and outreach. Marc Bady of Fresno Housing will be interviewed by LGBTQ Subcommittee Chair Jake Joseph. How does your agency show respect for LGBTQ residents and community members? How are staff enabled to share and celebrate their identity and expression? What community orgs have you partnered with and what else can emerge in the future?

Zoom Webinar  

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